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Here is a bunch of really old stuff.


chains of virtue tonfas junkdump1 junkdump2


Let me tell you about billy goats.

No actually there’s nothing to tell you know the story.

I will just show you what I drew.

The most dangerous game (of paintball)

Here’s a work-in-progress because all the things I have that are actually finished are traditional and I can’t be arsed to scan them. I’m actually liking the way this is coming together which is not usually the case when I do something like this. So that’s nice.

The Return of the Claus

This drawing won me a tiny, candy-dispensing wiimote. No joke.

I have some stuff for you!

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t updated this blog in a few weeks. This is because I am under house arrest and do not have access to the internet. How exciting! So now that I have a few moments of wi-fi, I’m going to dump some stuff on you and then scurry off and crawl back under my rock again. Yay.

This is the only newish thing for now. I’ve got some sketches and unfinished stuff but that’ll have to wait till the next time I can get internet access. The rest is older and under the cut. Read more of this post