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Some stuff from earlier this semester

This was our first assignment in a class I’m taking called “Art for Games.” I was to draw four silhouettes; the only criteria was that they had to be markedly different. In other words, no drawing the same character four times or drawing four similar characters.

More under the cut.

This assignment was to design new props (a piece of furniture, a tool/gadget, a piece of clothing, and a weapon) for a pre-designed character. The character I drew this stuff for was a flamboyant pirate captain who thought himself to be more of a dashing noble hero than he, er, really was.

This assignment was to design four plants that could live in an individually assigned terrain (mine was desert). Later, we voted on each person’s best of their four designs and we then had to make four separate designs of that plant based on geometric shapes. The one picked for me was the last one, the big coconut-house-on-a-spiral thing. I’ll see if I can dig up the geometric versions later and post them as well.


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