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Introducing some (very) old characters

Two light-skinned teenage boys holding drinks. One has a long blue crest that he has left ungelled so it hangs down to the right of his face. He has his arm slung over the shoulders of the other guy, who has brown hair with red streaks.

If you’ve been around a while (a looong while), you might recognize these characters. But you probably don’t, so. These guys are Jae and Tai, characters from an abandoned joke-turned-comic-project-turned-back-into-joke I had with a good friend of mine.

This is an old piece. It’s one of the few drawings I have from ye olden days that I don’t completely hate. I’m still not totally happy with it – Jae’s hair is particularly annoying to me – but taking into consideration my skill when I drew it, this is pretty damn good if you ask me.


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